Do I need a driver's licence to drive a boat? (FAQ)

In Florida (USA), if you were born before 1988, you do not need any licence or certificate to drive a powerboat (except some special categories of powerboats).

However we still strongly recommend, that you take a theoretical and practical training before your first boating experience. Imagine driving a car without knowing who has the right of way at a crossing? Or which are the roads you can take, and which side of the road you should drive at?

Boating is no different: there are rules, which, if all boaters keep, life on the water turns into a great way of spending your time. However if you do not know these rules, your boating may turn into serious financial loss or even danger to human life.

Where to have a great training?

Recreational Powerboating Association
In the USA you can turn to your local Recreational Powerboating Association for some advice on the best and most fitting trainings for your needs. They have a "Welcome to the water" program, that includes several type of learning options for you.

Discover Boating logo

Their project: Discover Boating will help you not only in trainings, but in getting started, finding a boat, buying a boat and in all aspects of owning and operating a boat.