Can I rent out my boat, if it is financed / there is a mortgage on it / if it is leased? (FAQ)

In general: yes. In more details: Maybe :)

Having a boat, that is leased or finnced in any other way,  means that you have a responsibility for the condition of the boat in the eyes of the financing organization. Your contract most probably states, that you have to keep your boat is a good condition, to maintain its value at the highest possible level during the financing period.

Letting out your boat frequently, or turing it into a charter may affect the condition of your boat. The people renting it out, may handle it with a bit less care, than if it was their own yacht.

To cover this risk, boat financing companies, (like Essex Credit) created a financing option, available for private individuals as well, who would like to rant out their boats, to make some income or simply to cover the costs of their all-year boating.

The financing option is called: Limited charter.

It allows you to rent out your boat for a maximum of 20% of its time (which means practically no more than 73 days a year) without having to turn your financing option into a more complex Charter financing or Charter Fleet financing option.

If you are interested in renting out your financed or leased boat, we highly recommend to talk about these options to your boat financing company.

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