Yachting around the world with your sailboat? Anchor at these Boutique Hotels

Onboard, when the wind blows your sails, and the sun shows the direction, you do not need to look for accomodation. Your yacht, beside providing the mean of travel, the place to dine, also treats you with accomodation.

However, when you are ashore, you may consider a boutique hotel a nce fit to your lifestyle. We recommend these websites to look for great deals:

  • Mr and Mrs Smith: they visit and review all their listings, and are open about their and their users opinion. They support your selection with astonishing pictures.
  • Splendia : Not only boutique hotels, but hotels with private beach (to which you could get used to while sailing the seven seas) and design hotels from all over the world.
  • Tablet : Beside the great deals, you will also be able to see beautiful pictures, reviews and whole cityguides for your favourite boutiques hotels in all five continents.
  • Secret Escapes : A bit different, than the three other sites above. Much more of a closed (or semi-closed) club with special deals - which by the way, you can join for free. 
In all the cases you are probably best off, if you check with your selected hotel's front desk directly as well. Many-many cases, they are happy to cut some corners and present you a great deal.

When you finish your onshore adventure, time to board again. Sails up, the sea is waiting to be explored.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey sailboat in a bay - boatforrent.com
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey